Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

preserved railway vehicles

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This long wheelbase flat wagon, to designed code RRA and numbere 400198, was donated from the National Collection some years ago but was marooned with other wagons in an overgrown, disused rail yard north of Peterborough station. In order to recover it, it became apparent it would have to be craned out, and this was complicated by the operation of sidings nearby for aggregates traffic.It was finally collected on the 5th July 2018.


Together with the RRA it made sense to recover other marooned wagons, although legal title to two remain unknown and were left. The distance required from suitbal standing for road vehicles required a mimnimum 100tonne crane, but in the end Crowland Cranes provided their 200tonne crane, which lifted the RRA and 4 other wagons on to road trailers barely breaking sweat!



On arrival at Rowsley, the RRA formed the last wagon of a 4 wagon train down to Darley Dale. In due course, the wagon chassis will be blasted and repainted, and a new timber deck fitted, most of the original having been left behind in Peterborough, or on the deck of the trailer!

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