Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

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The Shed Project

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November 2015 and the building is now weathertight

Discussions with Peak Rail began in the autumn of 2011 and reached outline agreement in spring 2012, for a "Briddon Shed" to be erected at the Darley Dale yard, largely disused since PR's operational "base" moved to Rowsley. A secondhand steel framed building was acquired in April 2012 and the Planning Application went in during July.

That was when the troubles began! The Environmental Health department of the Derbyshire Dales District Council were initially opposed to the idea, having a "thick file of complaints" arising from the restoration of locomotives and such in the open air at Darley Dale. Eventually, after amendments to the building design to minimise noise radiation, planning permission was granted in April 2013.

For a fuller saga of how it all came about, read the special blog entry "Of a roof over our heads" in Weekend Rails. This page will, for the present, chart construction progress of the "Geoffrey Briddon Building".

Site TPimg 1738 edit

 After completing site clearance in November, the formalities were concluded and a contract for foundations and drainage works placed before Christmas, with work commencing on the 13th January 2014. It was a surprise to Peter to discover that, whereas he thought he was just "the client", for legal purposes he was "principal contractor" and had the obligation to provide 'welfare facilities' for all sub-contractors! A portakabin and loo therefore arrived on site in early January.

 In order to be able to be self-sufficient once set up at Darley, we needed to be able to lift anything up to and including locomotives, and a set of Matterson jacks (which had once been in use lifting Sentinels at Stanton) was acquired and set up temporarily at Rowsley. The Structural Engineers were called on to produce a floor construction scheme capable of accepting the weight, with the rails laid out in "troughs" to minimise the height lost under the planned overhead crane. With considerable insulation built in primarily against noise emanation (the planning approval imposed strict noise limits so as not to affect nearly residences, though in practice we doubt that we would come anywhere near them), the building should retain warmth and be a first-class maintenance/repair facility.




3 June 2013 Formal agreement signed with Peak Rail
6 June 2013 Wagon dropped off at Darley for site clearance
25 June 2013 Site clearance began
26 June 2013 Test hole dug for Structural Engineer
July-October 2013

Site clearance continues in between other activities. Rearmost siding dismantling commenced.

Nov-December 2013

Site clearance largely completed. Tenders issued for groundworks (foundations and drainage). Some steelwork lifted off wagon at Rowsley and assembled on ground to check dimensions.

14 January 2014

Foundation and drainage works commenced.

17th January 2014

First concrete for foundations poured.

10th February 2014

Steework erection commenced


Late March 2014

Cladding and wallstone samples submitted to local Planning Department for approval

Contractors commenced preparing the floor by excavating and roling 240tonnes of mixed sugar and MoT Type 1 stones

Late May 2014

Planning Department approved wallstone and cladding colour samples

13th June 2014

First concrete cast on floor - both "track slabs" (which are recessed in the final floor level) are cast and sockets for rail fixing inserted in the concrete.

4th July 2014

Concrete poured onto prepared area for some 65% of the "final" floor

18th July 2014

Final  concrete poured on floor area.

August 2014

September 2014

November 2014

Work commences on wallstone (Planning stipulation being that it comes up and the cladding stops 300mm above ground). Roller shutter doors put on order.

Roller shutter doors installed, Matlock end door and wall panels follow.

First track connected to shed

February 2015

Second track connected to shed. Container re-located. S&T work progresses.

Summer 2015

First crane beams installed. Eave beams removed and new ones installed, uppermost purlkins and cleading rails installed.

October 2015

Cladding commenced

November 2015

Cladding complete

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Adding "big lumps" suggests rapid progress, but there is still lots left to do:

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IMG 2620 abl
IMG 2624 abl

IMG 2630 abl

IMG 2904 abl

IMG 2973 abl

IMG 3032 abl

IMG 3249 abl

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