Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

preserved railway vehicles

Acquisition Record

Date Loco Image Maker Works No. Obtained From Running Location
2000 James James Yorkshire Engine 2675 Ford Motor Co, Halewood Yes Darley Dale
2000 Jack Jack Yorkshire Engine 2679 Ford Motor Co, Halewood Stored Darley Dale
2001 Libby Libby Yorkshire Engine 2940 S. Geeson Yes Darley Dale
2001 Charlie Charlie Thomas Hill 265V Liquidators of
Yorkshire Engine Co
Yes Darley Dale
2002 n/a   English Electric D1201 Liquidators of
Yorkshire Engine Co
Exchanged n/a
2002 Pluto Pluto F C Hibberd 3777 Liquidators of
Yorkshire Engine Co
Yes Darley Dale
2002 Grace Grace Hudswell Clarke D1345 Shropshire Loco collection Yes

 Darley Dale


2002/2016 Claire cla mhdr  Hudswell Clarke D1388 Shropshire Loco collection/Reacquired Yes UK Rail Leasing, Leicester
2002 9222 9222 Hunslet 9222 E J Payne Stored Darley Dale
2003 Beverley   Hudswell Clarke D1344 Shropshire Loco collection Exchanged n/a
2004 27932 17932 North British 27932 E J Payne No Darley Dale
2004/2013 Coronation Coronation North British 27097 Reacquired No Darley Dale
2004 803 803 Brush Traction 803 Round Oak Rail No Darley Dale
2005 WD 72229 WD 72229 Drewry 2184 Devonport Maintenance Ltd Yes

Peak Rail

(currently on loan to East Anglian Railway Museum,

Chappel & Wakes Colne

2006 George   Sentinel 9596 S Geeson Sold n/a
2007 n/a   Gullick Dobson n/a Welsh Highland Railway Sold n/a
2008 Kimberley   English Electric D1230 RMS Locotec Sold n/a
2008 14 901 14 901 BR Swindon D9524 RMS Locotec Yes

Colne Vly Rly,

Castle Hedingham

2008 03 901 (D2128) D2128 BR Swindon D2128 Dean Forest Diesel Group Yes Darley Dale
2010 Tom Tom Sentinel 10180 Private owner Yes Darley Dale
2010 D9500 D9500 BR Swindon D9500 HNRC No Darley Dale
  6607   D. Wickham & Co. Ltd 6607 PD Ports No Darley Dale
  PalVan   BR n/a S Geeson Sold n/a
  VBA van
  BR - Shildon 200631 Class 20 Loco Group Sold
2011 DR flat DR Flat wagon Germany 1943   Private owner n/a Darley Dale
2013 Cheedale Cheedale Thomas Hill 284V HNRC (Buxton Lime) Yes

UK Rail Leasing


2013 Ashdown Ashdown Hudswell Clarke D1186 Pontypool & Blaenavon Rly Yes Darley Dale




well wagon IMG 3590 200w Midland Railway   Bombardier Crewe n/a

Darley Dale


2015 Conflats conflat 200 BR Workshops   Scottish RPS, Bo'ness n/a Darley Dale
2016 Ludwig Mond IMG 1602x200  GEC Industrial Locomotives 5578 Private owner Yes Rocks by Rail
  RS8 IMG 0659x200  Avonside (rebuilt South Central Workshops, ICI) (Avonside 1913 of 1923, as 0-4-0ST) National Stone Centre No(!) undergoing joint restoration with Tarmac at Tunstead quarry
 2017 PCV 95 301 IMG 2162 200

BR Workshops

(reb Hunslet barclay)

  Colas Railfreight No Darley Dale
2017 H005 H005x200 Hunslet Engine Co 0-6-0DH RMS Locotec No Darley Dale
2018 4311 IMG 4198 200 BR Eastleigh 2HAP private owner No

Darley Dale

2018 400198 img4600rszd   RRA lwb flat National Collection   Darley Dale
2018 042236 img4594rszd    vanwide DB   Darley Dale
2018 738951  img4604rszd   Ferry van DB   Darley Dale

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