Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

preserved railway vehicles

Although self-propelled, for the moment this will remain under rolling stock!

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In 1957-8, Eastleigh works were manufacturing 2HAP (2 carriage, Half-lavatory, electro-pneumatic braking) for Southern region. This set entered service under number 6089 on w/c 8th August 1959.

Initially turned out in SR green, it was repainted to BR blue in November 1968, blue/grey in March 1982 and and to NSE livery in April 1990. The set comprises DMBSO 61287 and DTCL 75407. 61287 suffered some damage around June 1970, and went to Eastleigh for repairs on the 10th July 1970,

6089 had been renumbered 4311 on the 12th June1987.

Withdrawn from traffic on the 31st December 1994, it was re-instated on the 16th January following, with its first class compartment de-rated to standard. The reprieve lasted until 22nd March 1995, when it was again withdrawn, and went into storage, some of it at Long Marston. In October 1999 it entered preservation, going to the Electric Railway Museum at Coventry

When in late 2017 the ERM was forced to close down owing to the site being required for redevelopment, Andrew made approaches to acquire it. Earlier reports that it was going to a group in North Wales proved premature, but site conditions at Coventry prevented 2 removal attempts. Finally 61287 left on the 4th April 2018, and was unloaded at Rowsley on the 5th, followed by 75407 on the same day. On the 6th, 03 901 was brought up from Darley Dale and hauled them back.

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Fundamentally the vehicles are sound, with the usual areas of corrosion, but interiors are all intact. After 20+ years of storage, they will require attention before being available for passenger use. Intermediate plans are to operate them as push-pull with one or other of Andrew's locos, using the existing 2HAP control desk to control the loco when the 2HAP is leading, As the 2HAP uses a 70V control system this will neccessitate a certain amount of interfacing, but is fundamentally little different to remote-controlling a shunting loco, which Andrew's father has done many times, (including  former 08 921 'Pongo').

The only other surviving 2HAP is 4308, at the NRM Shildon, where the opposite sides have been painted in NSE or BR blue liveries: 4311 is likely to be turned out in SR green.

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