Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

preserved railway vehicles

Propelling Control Vehicle (PCV)

When RES were operating mail traffic for the Royal Mail, a bar to operating efficiency was the need to run-round parcels trains when accessing dead-end sidings. Consequently two former emu driving trailers were modified to become parcels vehicles while retaining the driving cabs to obviate run-rounds.

IMG 2163 abl

The conversions proved succesful and a number of others were subsequently converted (with detail differences)  under the auspices of EWS. When Royal Mail traffic was changed over to the 325s, a number became redundant and were disposed of.

Wind forward to 2016, and Colas acquired one of the two prototypes for certain components and the vehicle delivered to Peak Rail at Rowsley for onward transfer to Darley Dale. Here Andrew and Peter, with considerable help from members of the Industrial Diesel & Railway Preservation Group, removed the bogies and released the required componets, after which the rest of the vehicle changed ownership. Long term plans are to restore the vehicle to passenger-carrying capability, possibly utilising the roller shutter doors to incorporate a bar adjacent, with the driving cab functional and linked to one or other of Andrew's locos. 

The PCV was built as a Class 307 vehicle under number 75102. The conversion was first renumbered 94301 and later 95301.

Although original plans were for the original bogies to be refurbished and converted to accept SP120 bearing-fitted wheelsets, this may take a while, so an offer of two B4 bogies on indefinite loan was accepted, arriving on 4th July 2018. The PCV will be made mobile again, hopefully during August. Some damage to the roller shutter doors was suffered during vandalism in summer 2017, and may influence the immediate use of the vehicle.

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