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English Electric 'Stephenson' class 0-6-0DH: Kimberley

kim 550 llyn2

Works Number D1230
Built 1969
Weight 45tons (in working order)
Power Unit Cummins NT400 (14 litre turbocharged), 350bhp at 2100rpm
Transmission Twin Disc CF11500 series converter and RF11 final drive gearbox
Present Location SOLD

The rugged EE design was a worthy competitor to Sentinel in the 1960s. Built at Darlington and latterley Newton-le-Willows, the design owes much reputedly to W G Bagnall, although the cast desk assembly is undoubtedly RSH. The story goes that a Sentinel 0-6-0DH, stopped at Stafford in sight of Bagnall's work, was promptly beseiged by the latter's drawing office staff - the Sentinel driver locking himself in the cab to deny access! Most Stephensons used Dorman engines (Dorman being part of EE and Bagnall's first choice being also in Stafford) but a considerable batch once roamed Corby Steelworks with a tight-fitting Paxman 8RPHLX under the casings, and "Kimberley" was one ofa number of both 0-4-0s and 0-6-0s built with 12 or 14 litre Cummins.

Built for service on opencast coal contracts, "Kimberley" worked mostly at the Onllwyn Disposal Point for Derek Crouch (Later Crouch Mining), but those working days ended when it was dumped, together with 4 others, at a disused colliery near Durham, from whence it was bought for use by YEC.

Restored to running order, it was despatched to Wembley, London on hire to shunt trains of 'Evian' and 'Volvic' bottled water for the importers. During this time, a split coolant hose was not spotted by its crew, and thus it became the world's first air-cooled Cummins! Such is the ruggedness of this make of engine, and (to be fair) the relatively light duty, the power unit apparently took no harm. When the contract for distribution was taken over by a firm in Coventry, it was allocated to Barrow Hill as shunter for short-lived RMS-subsidiary Mainline Rail.

kim-in-textkim-550 llyn

Acquired by Andrew in March 2008, it went to Wirksworth (where pictured above at the top of the incline) but in 2009 transferred to Blodwell Junction on the Cambrian Railways Society's Llynclys Junc.-Blodwell project. Following departure of some of the locos at Llynclys, "Kimberley" was transferred there at the end of July 2010.

As part of Andrew's general reduction in size of the collection, terms were reached to sell the loco to a prominent Cambrian member, the sale being completed in June 2011.

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