Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

preserved railway vehicles

BR Workshops Class 03: D2128 - initial stripping and plans

Comparison details of D2128

  As built As refurbished
Engine Gardner 8L3, rating 204bhp at 1200rpm Cummins NT855, rating approx 350bhp at 1800rpm
Transmission Vulcan Sinclair fluid coupling driving a CA5 change speed gearbox and RF11 final drive Twin Disc 11535 converter and 20-2800 powershift driving the RF11 final drive
Weight 30tons 30tons approx
Train braking Vacuum Vacuum
Loco brake Straight air and hand operation of tread brake linkage Straight air and hand operation of disc on input to gearbox
Wheel arrangement 0-6-0DM 0-6-0DH
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With the loco safely at Scunthorpe, we took stock of what we had and what was worth salvaging. The Deutz was considered a write-off - it had been open to the atmosphere too long and had too many missing components. Andrew offered it to the Royal Desside group where another of the trio resided, together with the VM pump, as possible spares.


Also removed was the change speed box (sold as a spare to the Mid Norfolk) and the ballast blocks. Getting these out was an interesting operation - one block was so well 'stuck' in that at one point 2 out of 3 loco wheelsets were off the rails! With the casings off, ballast out and no transmission or engine, the big 'ole was measured up with a view to repowering the loco. (The possibility of purchasing a replacement Gardner 8L3, fluid coupling, radiator, etc was considered but was felt to be unlikely to succeed - many such engines were sold to the Far East in the 1970s and 80s).

img 0536 edit

Elsewhere you will read about a Hunslet loco in Andrew's collection, built for the BAOR and using a 2-speed powershift transmission with Twin Disc torque converter. Having bought the chassis of one such loco, Andrew had succesfully won 2 of the transmissions when these had come up on tender. One was earmarked to go back into the Hunslet frame, the other was duly allocated to the 03. The transmission was, in essence, a standard 11500 series converter driving directly into a powershift of 1.5 or 1 to 1, all in a single unit. Unlike the Twin Disc converters used in most industrial locos, this converter requires no over-centre clutch, as isolating the drive for reversing can be carried out through the powershift clutches.

The prime mover was solved by the aquisition of a Cummins NT855 genset engine from HNRC, and a radiator from one of the Jarvis auctions. Finally the decision was taken to dispense with the traditional handbrake linkage running up the right hand side of the loco, in part because it got in the way of the planned engine mountings - instead a mechanically applied disc brake, on the input to the gearbox, would be a completely independent parking brake.

img 554 hole

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