Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

preserved railway vehicles

BR Workshops Class 03: new colour and new identity - 03 901

Comparison details of 03 901 (D2128)

  As built As refurbished
Engine Gardner 8L3, rating 204bhp at 1200rpm Cummins NT855, rating approx 350bhp at 1800rpm
Transmission Vulcan Sinclair fluid coupling driving a CA5 change speed gearbox and RF11 final drive Twin Disc 11535 converter and 20-2800 powershift driving the RF11 final drive
Weight 30tons 30tons approx
Train braking Vacuum Vacuum
Loco brake Straight air and hand operation of tread brake linkage Straight air and hand operation of disc on input to gearbox
Wheel arrangement 0-6-0DM 0-6-0DH
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During the summer of 2014, work began on the 'cosmetics' of the loco in earnest. The cab sides, which were holed where moisture in the floorboards had allowed the rust to penetrate, were cut out and new material welded in various places, being fillered smooth afterwards ready for painting. The decision had been taken to give the loco a new number - after all, with a Cummins engine and 2-speed hydraulic transmission it could scarcely be considered the same loco as emerged from Swindon. Following BR practice as well as the lead of 14 901, it was decided to finish it off as 03 901. By the autumn the new colour scheme of black had been applied, with handrails, door handles and casing-side footsteps in white, much of it powder coated. The cab floor was stripped out and a new one fitted in shuttering ply, with lift-out panels over the gearbox area. In this form it took its first tours around the site for the AFRPS diesel gala in October.

IMG 3540 abl

These runs produced a new problem - the water pump pulley was clearly wobbling and a screaming noise was assumed to be from the same source. A new water pump was duly fitted but the noise - though different - was still there afterwards. The handbrake arrangement had also given us a few headaches. The original handbrake linkage was employed through a relay lever to apply a disc caliper, but 'enthusiastic' operators first succeeded in bending the pivots and later in snapping the welds betwen the levers and the shaft. Eventually a new shaft, with square sections to engage with new levers, was fitted and it has been shown to be very effective even without applying the force that someone did (and broke off a knob from the handbrake wheel in the process!) when the locomotive was slid with all 6 wheels locked.

A request from the Branch Line Society to employ the loco for part of its site tour on February 28th prompted a renewed surge and as a result the loco appeared with its new identity - here it is before the data panels were added.

IMG 0118 abl

IMG 0126 abl

Work progressed subsequently on the vac brake installation and wiring preparatory to installing LED-based code lights of traditional style.

On the 8th September 2016 the loco transfered to the Darley Dale workshops to progress remaining items, and left again in December under Peter's auspices to assist in filiming Murder on the Orient Express, returning on the 1st March 2017.

IMG 2497 abl

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