Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

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A round-up of progress over the last few weeks -

IMG 0271 abl

The Geoffrey Briddon Building

With trackwork within the shed largely completed, attention has turned to completing the purlins and sundry bracketry which need to be installed before the cladding can be professionally applied. Although the longitudinal purlins were fitted 12 months ago, there was neither sufficient purlin material, nor brackets, to complete the ends. The purlins are the framework to which the cladding is affixed, so need to be present all over the cladded areas of the building.  The forklift is proving a useful tool in this regard, as purlins will be required right up the face of the ends, almost to the gable.

DSCF0161 abl

The picture (above) shows new purlins and brackets after fitting to the south end over the personnel door. There will need to be at least two layers above the doors, plus the same at the other end.

DSCF0092 abl

Unfortunately we were compelled to remove a lot of loose equipment from Rowsley, in advance of the orderly withdrawal we had planned.  This has created a lot of clutter within the shed area, with stillages sheeted over.

14 901

Since effectively it was no longer possible to work on the loco at Rowsley,  14901 has been brought down to Darley by James, in a special train on the 1st May. Work will resume on its modifications and servicing as soon as we have time to spare.

DSCF0156 abl

03 901

The first 4 codelights have been fitted but not yet wired up. The water pump jockey pulley was investigated and the bearing found to be u/s and the belts damaged. The assembly has been removed for a bearing change and new belts ordered. We didn't have time to get pictures with the codelight boxes on, but there's one on Flickr here. Work on the vacum brake installation has also been progressing, with the driver's brake valve, filter, snifter valve and exhauster connected. The drive to the exhauster from the engine front-end has seen the pulley assembly brougt to Scunthorpe ready for assembly, though an adaptor arrangement to join the prop-shaft drive to the exhauster itself has yet to be manufactured.

Rolling stock

The VBA van and ex DR flat wagon have moved to Darley Dale.

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