Andrew Briddon Locos

Andrew Briddon Locos

preserved railway vehicles

It has been a long time since we have updated the site, for various reasons that had best not be cited here right now. But progress has been maintained, so here's a review -

14 901

The 14 came out of service after fulfilling its commitments to Peak Rail through November as it was due a 'C' exam and we wanted to get around to those coolant pipe modifications and change of Voith heat exchanger that we have postponed from earlier in 2014. Unfortunately, owing to lack of access to the shed at Rowsley it has become protracted and the loco remains out of service.

IMG 3751 abl


Loss of converter base pressure during a return run of the works train from Darley Dale was cured by a replacement of the converter primary filter, but suggested that there might be bio-infestation of the fuel. A change of fuel filters and a dose of biocide in the tank is planned.  


Cheedale expired when it was run out of fuel and when some was added and the system primed, the priming pump started to leak badly and may have admitted air. At the moment the loco is awaiting a replacement fuel filter and priming pump to be refitted.


James was transferred down to Darley Dale where it is acting as resident shunter for the workshops. It is hoped to attend to paintwork later in the year.

03 901

The 03 at Scunthorpe had its tacho wired during November, the water pump changed, and work continued on the replacement cab floor. The vacuum exhauster drive has been partially assembled and will be fitted to the loco later in 2015.  A request from the Branch Line Society to have the loco for its tour on the 28th February was the spur to get the transfers applied and the loco now carries its 03 901 number, BR arrow symbol and data panel. Work on the fabricated code light boxes continues, while cabling for the wiper motors, cab light and rear code lights has been installed.

IMG 0126 abl

The Geoffrey Briddon Building

The first track into the shed was laid during November, after which work was suspended until mid January. A vital piece of equipment was acquired, aka a fork lift truck, which has taken up some time to get it into suitable running order. Until such time as overhead craneage in installed this must be our main means of lifting components in and out of locos.

DSCF0006 abl

The remodelling work was completed by mid February, which involved repositioning the container nearer to the building, achieved by slewing it on to the completed track and pushing it with a loco!

DSCF0036 abl

Work on cladding can not take place until various remaining purlins have been assembled and angles installed to secure the cloaking sheets. In the meantime it is up to Andrew and Peter to install the tracks within the shed, which is being progressed.

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