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8Jul08 and the loco is collected from Lydney Loaded aboard... ..swinging around the site within Scunthorpe And finally on Scunthorpe's tracks. 20Sep08 and the remains of the Deutz comes out 18Apr09 and it is time to remove extraneous ballast -  - put in by the Belgians. 3Sep11 and the power unit mountings await their Cummins. New driveline installed The Cummins leaves much more room inside New mounts for radiator and front PTO shaft Front PTO shaft trialled Xmas 2011 and the radiator goes on. The next day the compressor and the next day fuel tank and air cleaner Feb12 and we're still outside, but casings make it look respectable. The exhauster is loacted alongside the Cummins Radaitor fan assembly behins to take shape. The newly wired control and instrument panels. Coolant and exhaust pipework under the casings. !2May12 and D2128 amkes a public debut, but refuses to drive itself. Parking brake calliper installed. New casing doors and bulges for compressor and exhauster are manufactured, late 2012 Test running by the AFRPS shed, September 2013 webgallerie lightboxby v5.7

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